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How To Target And Win The Right Audience For Your Book In Growing Numbers With Little Known Internet Marketing Secrets!

Is it your desire to sell more fiction or nonfiction books and target an increasing number of people who want to read what you write?

If you’ve dreamed of making writing books a lasting career, but you don’t know how to market them or you’ve already tried and failed, rest assured, your dream can come true!

My name is Margaret Lukasik and I’ve been helping authors promote and market their books since 2010. Before that I made an income writing and selling my books since 1987 through magazine ads until I completely transitioned to Internet selling in 1999 with an eventual drop in sales. This is when I began my study of Internet marketing to develop a foundation for continued book sales and business growth.

I realized renewed success after learning from a group of online marketing experts how to perfect book category and keyword choices, specific Internet selling strategies and a simple branding technique for increasing sales, all of which are needed to prepare for a successful Amazon book promotion. This is this foundation that Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine is based upon.

It is one of the best books for Internet sales because it makes the process of selling on the Internet clear and easy to understand. This powerful marketing guide can be utilized in as little as two days without spending a dime. However, if you have little time, you only need to invest 30 minutes or so to begin the process of growing your specific audience and book sales.

Learning book marketing is the key to successful book selling on Amazon and other Internet stores. Yet many authors trust others to do their entire book marketing for them with disappointing results because they didn’t take the time to develop a foundation for selling first.

I know what it’s like to be disappointed about low book sales. This is why I wrote Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine and why I organized it for new and established authors who have little understanding about selling on the Internet. It also gives in-depth information to trouble-shoot why a book hasn’t been selling, how to fix the problem and how to price it correctly. By following little known but proven strategies and techniques, an author can switch their book’s direction from failure to success.

If all you want is to sell a few books, this guide is not for you. But if you’re looking to secure a large fan base which every author needs to sell their books consistently and in increasingly, then you need Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine for ultimate Amazon book sales.

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