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Midlife Business Ideas – Niche Websites: How to Create and Monetize a Niche Website Through Affiliate Marketing, Advertising, and Information Products to Generate a Passive Income is perfect for the midlife person who’s looking to earn passive income as a means to financial freedom or just a few extra bucks on the side. Niche websites are beginner-friendly with an easy learning curve and immense benefits. This audiobook is perfect for those with a beginning level or expert level of tech experience. It walks you through the process of creating your own niche website to bring in profits to help you reach your financial goals.

Utilizing easy-to-understand language and concise action steps, by the time you finish listening you will know: 

  • How niche websites are different from authority websites
  • The two strategies you can use when determining how to select a topic for your niche website
  • The best topics to include when writing on your niche website
  • The costs involved in setting up your niche website as well as how to set one up for free if you don’t have any money
  • Quick steps on how to set up your niche website and the best software to use when doing so
  • Why you should consider creating a portfolio of diverse niche websites once you understand the process behind creating one
  • All the lucrative ways you can make money from your website, whether through affiliate marking, ad revenue, or selling your own products
  • And effectively using YouTube as a traffic source generator as a bonus chapter!

This audiobook will help you start your very own niche website and then potentially create your own portfolio of niche websites.

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