How to Use the Yoni Egg for Sensual Heal...



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This book is a first-class guide into one of the most empowering practices for women: the yoni egg practice. This book covers step by step how to use the yoni egg, an egg-shaped crystal for the vagina, for optimal pelvic floor health and sexual wellness.

The yoni egg practice is a booming trend that has resurfaced from thousands of years ago from the east. This book seeks to answer the questions of tens of thousands of women worldwide who use yoni eggs. Topics such as how to use it, healing trauma, orgasm, feminine cultivation, menstrual bleeding, pregnancy, incontinence, menopause, miscarriage, and more are all discussed in this book.

This book is for all women of all ages who may be a beginner or advanced at using the yoni egg. This book focuses on safely helping you make progress with their yoni egg in a manner that will stimulate you into orgasmic womb wisdom.

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