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7 Undeniable Truths…

  1. People do business with people or companies they know, like, and trust.
  2. The best way to connect with someone and build trust, is in person. And when that’s not an option, the second best way to connect and build trust is with video.
  3. Online videos have exponentially more engagement than pictures and written text.
  4. Videos are used by companies of every size.
  5. Consumers expect/demand video.
  6. Most people are uncomfortable being on camera.
  7. There are countless ways to be bad on camera and most people make mistakes they don’t even realize.

There’s no question that everyone in business, from Fortune 100 companies to solopreneurs, can leverage video to connect better with your target market, as well as existing customers. The problem is that most people aren’t comfortable being on camera.

Then an even bigger problem is that, once people come to grips with the fact that they have to be on camera, most people make mistakes that send the wrong message to the viewer. And the crazy part is that they have no idea they’re sending a negative message on camera.

Great On Camera is all about understanding everything you need to know so you can be your best on camera, connect with your target market, build trust, and make sales.

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